A leading manufacturer and exporter of Carpets, Mats, Rugs , Coir, Sisal and Allied products, With an history of 27 years we are among the leading in the world of decors.
[[[] CENTRE CARPETS enjoys a unique position in the international market for high quality Floor Coverings, Sisal Carpets, Poly carpet, Woolen carpet, Wall to wall carpet & Coir Tails, Rubberized coco fiber sheet, Sea grass matting & rugs, Jute matting’s & Rugs, Brush mats, Rubber door mats, Polypropylene mats, Rope mats, Rubberized mouldmats, Bath room cotton mats, Vinyl blocked coir rolls, Coir Rope, Coir fiber, Coir yarn, Manila Rope, Bamboo blinds, Wood blinds, Natural fiber items, Hammocks, Wood crafts, Jute bags, Room slippers, Coconut Shell Products.
At [[[] CENTRE CARPET,  we strive to emphasize on Quality, Design, Service and Value. It is our focus to stay on trend, offering a growing assortment of residential and contract grade flooring from some of the best mills in the industry. In a competitive marketplace, our buyers travel globally to pull together a well-curated and ever-changing assortment of luxury woven goods for home and commercial applications.
Our specialized customer service team is knowledgeable across all offerings and views every client exchange asan opportunity to help with deciding the most appropriate selections for their home or upcoming project.
Client satisfaction is a core priority for our company, and we put great energy in exceeding expectations on every order. Our ability to ship internationally positions us as a global player in the residential,hospitality and commercial sectors.




Sisal is a super tough, environmentally friendly fibre that is fashionable, hardwearing and practical. Sisal carpets and rugs are stylish, chic and durable; a perfect choice for high traffic areas where good looks and practicality are desirable.



Sisal mats are also environmentally friendly, they are spun from naturally occurring sisal fibers that are harvested several times per year and do not harm the environment. The many colours, styles, weaves, and blends are the makings of a tough choice, as each is as beautiful as the next.



Coir matting's are used for indoors, outdoors, stairs, runner, foyers or as room rugs;

It can be used to cover large areas and our coir matting are great for the home & office with easy maintenance, they can be vacuumed, taken outside and shaken and coir rugs have a natural resistance to water so they do not easy rot.

Coir MAT

Coir Door mats are eco-friendly as they are made out of coir fiber which is extracted from the outer husks of a coconut. This thick and strong coir fiber gives the coir mats its most desirable features of durability, functionality and longevity. Premium Coco Matting is made from the finest quality coir fiber. These mats are extremely durable and long lasting and easily brush dirt off shoes.



Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. It is produced primarily from plants in the genus Corchorus.

Jute is one of the most affordable natural fibers in existence and it is second only to cotton in amount produced and variety of uses.

Shaggy carpet

Our shaggy rug selection offers a huge range of beautifully soft, thick, deep-pile carpets offering luxurious comfort for tired toes.

Its one of the best ways to create a cosy ambiance, shaggy rugs are both practical and pretty as living room rugs or bedroom rugs. They offer warmth to place your feet.



Yoga is one of the best ways to stay healthy with the help of mind relaxation, breathing exercise, meditation, muscle stretching, strength and flexibility.Similarly, a yoga mat is the most necessary yoga accessory.



Centre Carpets Presents exclusive variety of rubber mats, which is made with high quality natural rubber latex.


* Rubber Pin Mats

* RUBBER Hollow Mats

* Rubber Iron Mats

* Poly Mats


Coco sheet with high quality natural Latex
High quality rubberized coco fiber sheets for cushions, mattress & sleeping products.
It holds a unique reputation in domestic as well as in international markets.
The coir fiber is compressed with high tensile natural rubber latex.



Coir nets is mainly used to cover bare hills, road slopes and preventing soil erosion.

It effectively keeps the soil in place through the heaviest of rains then gradually promoting the growth of vegetation over the years the and finally being biodegradable which is disintegrating in to the soil harmlessly.



Coir Rope is used for insulation and packaging.
Its also used in gardening, fencing, mountaineering, knotting boats, lifters etc.



Coco peat products can be mixed with fertilizers and nutrients according to the specific requirements of the plants.



Wool carpets offer softness, durability and a stunning natural appearance, making them a family favourite that won’t compromise on style. This appearance is protected by the Wool fibre’s ability to disguise footprints effectively. Available in a range of colours and styles to suit every home, order your Wool carpet today.



Persian carpet also known as Iranian carpet, is a heavy textile, made for a wide variety of utilitarian and symbolic purposes, produced in Iran (historically known as Persia), for home use, local sale, and export. Carpet weaving is an essential part of Persian culture and Iranian art.
They represent different, simultaneous lines of tradition, and reflect the history of Iran and its various peoples. 

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