Growing on Coco 

The Coco Pith or  Coco Peat
 For Well balanced growing
Controlling the decomposition process, adding the correct nutrient buffer to adjust the ratio, feeding the plants the correct ratio of nutrients to offset the coco ‘release’ will produce the perfect growing conditions.
The key to proper coco growing is to use the right feed to balance the products the coco gives off, not just the availability of minerals, but their ratios too.
Coco peat holds about 33% more moisture then similar grades of peat based mediums. If it is in good structure, but, because a great amount of this is tucked away in the micro-pores, the medium can look dry but still be sufficiently moist.
And the pH of the medium, when buffered and controlled, remains constant pretty much throughout its useful life. The medium sets its pH at between 5.5 and 6.2, a perfect range, and will hold it there.
Coco is an ideal medium, so its widely used for gardening and landscaping.
The Biodegradable Planting Pots 
Coir Pots are made out of coconut husk fibers, coco pots are 100% natural biodegradable. The user planted in the ground it will biodegradable in 3 months. So no need to remove plant from the pot. Coco pot is used as potting soil, Mainly for horticulture, in ornamental plant cultivation, vine and tree nurseries and in domestic gardening.
when plants are grown in coco coir pot,the roots quickly penetrate the pot walls and contact with air stops the root from growing,root buds start to appear and secondary roots start to develop through the pot.The volume of the pot is used 100% by a dense network of root hairs of the plant.
Coco pots enables faster cultivation, excellent root system and re-establishment without any shock from transplanting.
The Planting Coco Sheet Felt
That can be used to plant seeds even small sized seeds it has a great utility to occupy enough moisture and can be easy for square plantation methods.
The Coir Net
Coir Net biodegradable erosion control mat is manufactured from 100% natural coir fibre extracted from coconut husk.
​Coir Net can be used in both seeded re-vegetation applications for grass establishment or tube stock revegetation. The coir fibre can retain moisture providing ideal germination conditions while protecting soil from erosion.
Coir Net has both greater tensile strength and life expectancy than other bio-degradable products due to the strong fibrous quality of coir fibre. It can last up to 48 months depending on the climatic conditions.
Due to its smaller aperture size Coir Net protects both seed and tube stock prior to germination from wind and water erosion.

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