What is sisal carpet?

Sisal carpet is a natural carpet fiber extracted from Agave plant’s long spiny leaves (species Agave sisalana). Sisal is a highly durable carpet often used in heavy traffic areas and higher end homes.  It can be used as a wall to wall carpet, an area rug or runner.  Often, sisal area rugs and runners are bound with a canvas border (about an inch wide) for a more tailored finish.
Agave is believed to have originated in Mexico, but it is now grown in Brazil, Florida, the Caribbean, as well as Tanzania, Kenya and parts of Asia.  (There is also a seaport town in Mexico named Sisal).
Sisal is also used for rope, twine, cloth, paper, handicrafts and wall coverings.
Sisal Carpets and mats has become very stylish in higher end homes where customers prefer hardwood and environmentally friendly options.  Many prefer sisals because of their earthy tones, their high end “berber” look/feel and they because they hold less allergens.  They also love that they are durable and tend to hide dirt/stains.
Because sisal is made entirely of natural plant fibers, it reflects the irregularity found in nature.  A perfectly uniform floor covering is not possible using natural sisal fibers.  Weaving variations – including knots, slubs, lines and color variances – are an inherent and desirable property of sisal.

More about the sisal plant

The typical life span of sisal is 7-10 years and the plant on average creates 200-250 commercially useable leaves.  Each leaf produces about 1,000 fibers.  The fibers grow up to 3 feet long and are harvested by hand.  They are sustainably harvested.  Sisals grow best in climates that are 75 degrees Fahrenheit or higher and arid environments.  Because sisal is in the agave family, it can be distilled to make a tequila-like liquor.
Renowned for their strength, the long white sisal fibers are sun-dried and then carefully spun into fine carpet yarns.

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